• High Reach Learning Curriculum
  • Spanish Class
  • Before and After School
  • Summer Camp
  • Star Fall
  • Baby Yoga
  • Sign Lanuage
  • Infant Nursery
  • Toddler Room
  • Early Pre-School Two's and Three's
  • Pre-School- New Moring Hours
  • Pre-K
  • Full Day Kindergarten


High Reach Learning Curriculum

All High Reach Learning curriculum programs are based on the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on activities that address the needs of the whole child. In addition, each High Reach Learning curriculum reflects the belief that children need a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities each day.

Spanish Class

Once a week, a Spanish teacher visits each class and teaches children from 3 years old to kindergarten, Spanish vocabulary. She also translates for those children who speak Spanish.

Leap Frog Enrichments

We offer different Leap Frog programs in each room for the children to enhance their learning and computer skills.

Easy Link Internet Launch Pad by Fisher Price

Kids can connect to character websites safely and securely using Easy Link character smart keys. The launch pad also blocks access to your desktop and hard drive, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your computer.

Skill Building Computer Games

We have a variety of skill building computer programs that are age-appropriate for learning fun.

Literacy Lady

A professional visits weekly to read stories, stage puppet shows and use flannel board stories to incorporate literacy skills.

Summer Camp

We offer summer programs including field trips for children 3 years and older.

Starfall Curriculum-Pre-K and Kindergarten

Coming Soon…

Other Programs

  • Baby Yoga
  • Sign Lanuage
  • Infant Nursery
  • Toddler Room
  • Early Pre-School Two’s and Three’s
  • Pre-School- New Moring Hours
  • Compariable to Park Disrtict Rates!
  • Pre-K
  • Full Day Kindergarten


Infants …………..$285 per wk

Toddlers …………$260 per wk

2 Years …………..$242 per wk

3 + 4 Years ………$238 per wk

Multi ……………….$203 per wk

Before or After School …………..$100 per wk

Both Before & After School …………..$150 per wk

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