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Teaching your child to love life. We instill morals, values, and faith by teaching students to love one another and believe in themselves to guide children in moral education.

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Precious Angels Child Care Center

We are dedicated to the families who entrust their children in our care. The mission of our facility is to enhance physical, social, cognitive and emotional development as we grow together through the many stages of childhood. Our program stimulates creativity and enriches their early years.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance at all times. The enjoyment of the children as they learn through play and learn to exercise their imagination will make their time here a pleasant one as well as a nurturing one. Our value system is one of honesty, integrity, loving and caring. Our employees exemplify these characteristics as they instill the same in your children under our care.

We are dedicated to ensuring quality service for you and your family. We look forward to the privilege of caring for your child. We make your child’s needs our priority.

Precious Angels Child Care Center will soar as we take your child under our wings

Why Choose Us

HiMama Childcare App

Get access from your phone or computer to receive updates of your child throughout the day, including pictures and reports.

Early Intervention Team

We have a team of professionals that evaluate children in the classroom to evaluate milestones.


A nurse comes to the school to train staff on professional development regarding health and safety, such as CPR, first aid, and the use of EpiPens.

Pearson Assessments

Conduct entrance, midway, and exit assessments to evaluate student’s developmental milestones.

Positive Intervention Support

Consultant Laurie Summers provides positive intervention support to our teachers to help students achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We conduct a bi-yearly conference to review your child’s areas of development and progression in the classroom program.

Our Programs

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Early Preschool


Experience Pre-K

Before & After School

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